Join us in Los Angeles for a portfolio building experience where you will Unlock the power of strobes, master shooting in studio and create your best work yet. 

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Your portfolio is the bread & butter of your photography career.


➝ Lack of access to proper resources such as lighting equipment and gear.
➝ Losing creative control of lighting in your images because you are always relying on natural light.

➝ Feel overwhelmed and lost at how to plan a high-production value shoot.

➝ Feel intimidated by studio lighting and strobes and struggle to feel confident on set.

➝ Unsure of how to plan a shoot that will actually attract high value, commercial clients.


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You don't have to put the pieces together alone.


⚡️ Get hands on experience with different lighting setups so you can feel confident on client shoots and unlock your full creative potential.

⚡️ Increase your confidence with shaping light in & outside of the studio so you can take full control of your lighting setup.

⚡️ Be supported by a full production team of lighting experts, models and makeup artists so you can create your best work.

⚡️ Step into your identity as a prolific photographer, shooting for clients and working on set in LA.

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Swear by natural light? It could be holding you back.

Relying solely on natural light could be holding you back from reaching the commercial & editorial clients you REALLY dream of working with. Commercial and High Fashion clients expect you to be able to light in any weather AND keep the same lighting throughout the day-- something that is impossible to do with the everchanging sun. 

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What's Included

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Coming Soon in Los Angeles, CA

Join us for a full day of immersive learning, hands-on practice, and creative exploration with studio lighting and strobes. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate photographer, this workshop is designed to help you elevate your portfolio with studio lighting!

  • How to Use Strobes Training 
  • How to Shape Lighting in Studio Training
  • How to build your own lighting setup in studio to create different fashion, beauty and commercial looks!
  • 3 unique photoshoots with unique lighting treatments
  • Snacks and Lunch provided during the event
  • Access to The Sunroom School online community
  • Access to the Online Resource Library with:
                         Portfolio Building Like a Pro Masterclass
                         Working with Brands (Bonus Training)
                         Studio Lighting Diagrams & more!

Over a $20,000 production value!!

The one thing holding you back from booking high value clients...

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is your portfolio.

Take a glimpse at what past photographers have created at Portfolio Building Day and get inspired for the photos you'll take!

Pay in Full & Get access to additional Group coaching!

THREE payments of

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You're getting access to this full day of learning and shooting for only...

Only 15 seats Available. 



You will be able to join an exclusive LIVE hot-seat coaching training where we will dive into your portfolio and improve your current lighting setup. This group training will be held via Zoom after the event ($850 value alone!)

🔥 Get direct feedback on the lighting in your portfolio so you can improve your lighting skills.

🔥 Deconstruct the lighting setup in your favorite inspiration images so you can create your dream work now.

🔥 Walk into photoshoots excited and inspired to shoot because you have a deeper understanding of how to light your images!

Get Access to an Exclusive Portfolio Review


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What our past students are saying

Photographer and Lead Educator

My passion for photography has taken me all over the world and turned into a six figure business that has given me the creative freedom to live the life I truly desire. I spent YEARS bootstrapping my business and finding my way through the commercial industry so you don't have to. So what is the key? I knew that building my portfolio was crucial to working with my dream clients. 
I used to be a tried and true natural light girlie, until I realized it was holding me back. Mastering strobes and shooting in studio unlocked my full potential as an artist, allowed me to raise my rates and start working with my dream brands!  Through this portfolio building experience, you will be equipped with all the tools to start shooting confidently with strobes NOW.

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hey, i'm kayla

 you will be equipped with all the tools to start SHooting confidently with strobes NOW. 

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Ready to take control of the lighting in your imagery and illuminate your photography skills?

HAVE questions? 

How does this Portfolio Building Day differ from the last one?

This PBD will be half classroom learning and half shooting (3 sets) vs. the full day of shooting (8 sets) at the last event. So you will be leaving with pages of notes AND portfolio images! Whether you came to the first event or you're an OG, you will leave with a new level of confidence as a photographer and fresh work to share.

I have never shot with strobes before, can I still attend? 

Yes! This event is perfect for all levels, from beginner to intermediate, as we will be covering the foundations of shooting with strobes and studio lighting.

I am primarily a wedding/portrait photographer, can I still benefit from this event?

Of course! If you are looking to expand your creativity, network with other photographers and start shooting with strobes in any capacity, this will be the perfect event for you to build your portfolio.

What if I purchase my tickets and then realize I can't make the event?

Due to the large production costs and limited spots at this event, no refunds will be available after purchasing. If you have any concerns, please contact hello@sunroomschool.com.

What do I need to bring to this event? 

All you need to bring to this event is your camera fully charged, SD cards and lens of your choice. and a pen and paper for notes. I recommend bringing a zoom lens option (24-70mm is my personal fav!) and a prime lens so you can grab lots of different angles easily. 

I am flying in from out of town, where should I stay for this? 

The studio location is in DTLA, so I would recommend staying near and then ubering to the event. There will also be lot parking walking distance from the location. In the community group, you will be able to coordinate and share accommodations with fellow photographers. We will also have a recommended hotel list for you inside the Resource Library to make planning your travel a breeze. 

Refine your portfolio
attract your dream clients create work you love

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