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the  beginner to intermediate photographer that feels stuck in THEIR business & not booking the clients or creating the work they truly desire.

Free, 60 min Masterclass training taught live by Kayla Mendez. 

June 26th 2024 at 6pm PST / 9pm EST via zoom. Replay will be AVAILABLE for 1 week.

What is it?

WHen and where?

here is what you'll learn:

⚡️ 5 mistakes you are making in your portfolio (and how to fix them!)

⚡️ What Clients REALLY want to see in your portfolio

⚡️ PLUS my portfolio building workbook so you can take action NOW

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⚡️ My Signature Portfolio Building Strategy

 exposure doesn't pay the bills

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😩 You feel lost and confused on how to build your portfolio

👀 You are uninspired by the work you're getting hired to do

👻 You are burnt out & tired of getting ghosted by clients

🤧 You struggle to book clients who truly see the value in working with YOU

Let me know if this sounds like you...

From zero clients to fully booked out & highly paid

In this FREE masterclass training, I walk you through my 4-step portfolio building framework that has allowed me to go from ZERO clients to fully booked out PLUS my portfolio building workbook that allows you to take action NOW & implement the strategies discussed during this no-BS training. 

not booking clients?
the secret to booking 4 & 5 Figure clients lies in your portfolio.

In this masterclass you will gain CLARITY on how to build a portfolio with a rinse and repeat system 
that will support your growth year after year. These portfolio building strategies will allow you to create & attract 
the work you TRULY desire.

❌ No more wasting time on collab shoots that don’t bring you any closer to your end goal.

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Photographer and Lead Educator

6 years ago with a freshly printed biochemistry degree, I dropped 
everything to become a full time artist. Since then, my passion 
for photography has taken me all over the world and turned into 
a six figure business that has given me the creative freedom to 
live the life I truly desire. 

I am passionate about sharing the knowledge I wish I had as a 
beginner photographer because I know firsthand how 
overwhelming it can be when it comes to building your 
photography business and working commercially with brands.

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